Through my work at Titles of New York I aim to become an extension of your team. I will free up your time from chasing the nuances of getting a deal to closing and work with you to build your business.

Placing your trust in me is not a matter I take lightly.  My network includes attorneys and title professionals who can collaborate with you to help make your transaction seamless. When you work with me, you have partners who speak your language, share your concerns and know how to pinpoint and address potential risks before you go to contract and up to and beyond your closing.

Titles of New York will make your life easier by working closely with you or your paralegal.  I will:

- Work on pre-contract searches for CO and HB issues

- Order and review assignments and subordinations

- Prepare ACRIS documents

- Explore options to resolve building violations and open permits

- Record documents promptly after closing

- Forward recording information to you as soon as documents are recorded

- Share our industry connections and knowledge beyond title insurance